Creativity and Innovation
in Media Science

  • Creativity and Innovation
    in Media Science

What is
Media Science

There are many variety of media channels to choose from to distribute messages in any communication campaign. As the message sender, we must consider how each medium will shape the content via all media channels like television, print, radio, website, social media channels, out of home, etc.


To use each media effectively, we have to gain an understanding how each channel gives form to the communication.

According to Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message:” each medium, independent of the content it mediates, has its own intrinsic effects which are its unique message. It is the “medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action.”

(Understanding Media, NY, 1964, p. 9).

The media channel will determine how the message will be transmitted and distributed. Therefore, the media channel will influence the way the audience will receive the message and impact the communication effect.

Channel Solutions
Content to
Inspire & Engage
Brand Interaction &
Brand Advocacy

Media Communication

We develop media communication plan including strategy and tactical methods to achieve the campaign’s objective, and launch a brand campaign. We look into the use of effective media aiming for consumer interaction with creative blend whilst ensuring efficiency.


We believe in the role of audience interaction in creating and executing a media communication plan cohesively.

Since our inception, we’ve provided media services to clients such as Astra International, Sanken, Gulaku and Sequislife along with portfolio of industries including technology, healthcare, financial, retail, residential, education and the nonprofit sector.


We believe in the strength and benefits of partnership to achieve
stronger commitment, better ideas and better results.


We prioritize in understanding further the consumer or audience media behaviours on a continuous basis and monitor the results of the campaign compared to its competitors in the category. The key learnings from the above process will help plan and develop a better media communication plan to achieve both short and long term results of a campaign.

It is our commitment to provide periodical report in regards to the media performance of a campaign.


We have good, collaborative partnership with almost all conventional media in Indonesia (television, newspaper, magazine, tabloid, radio, cinema, public transportation, billboard, etc.) and such association is maintained to grow together to achieve win-win solution/benefits whilst delivering efficiency to our clients’ business.

The fundamental of planning tactics and investment is to create distribution of exposures in detail to achieve optimal result (effective and efficient).

To engineer forms of creative media is to add value by optimizing visibility and breaking–the-clutter to stand out from the competitiveness of the media placement scene.



There is a significant shift in media consumption especially amongst the young millenials audience due to the domination of the digital media as the channel for interaction and expression.

Therefore, in partnership with DMT (Digital Mandiri Teknologi), we provide digital media planning and placement for the brand’s communication needs.


We are happy to provide innovative channel solutions and create tailor-made content to inspire & engage the audience. It is our intention to create impact through touchpoints for consumer & brand to interact and build ‘earned brand’ via brand advocacy.


The quality of the brand is determined by the values and beliefs that bind the audience to become part of the brand’s ecosystem.

Media Science is a fundamental method to create effective and efficient media communication campaign to achieve creativity and innovation in interacting with the audience. Designing a two-way mutual interaction between the brand and the audience within the brand’s communication ecosystem is the competitive advantage to an impactful campaign not only in having the message simply told, moreso it is demonstrated and experienced. The brand as an ecosystem of communication and interaction provides comprehensive solution that bonds the consumers as part of the brand’s existence.


Community Marketing achieves a bigger purpose for effective
communication result.


The collaboration between Optima Media and Interface Indonesia gave birth to Community Marketing as an innovative medium channel to optimize and create that competitive advantage to the existing media channels ie. ATL, BTL and digital. Community Marketing adds value to today’s marketing & communication industry. The communication method today demands interaction with the public. The shift in the public’s communication and social dynamics is due to the dominant impact of the digital media that encourages the community groupings to take form and shape as part of today’s social phenomenon.

Community Marketing is an innovative method adapted to the dynamics of the society today. It is strongly characterized by the partnership value that reaches and interacts directly with the purpose of every communities. Furthermore, it can inspire to create new communities. The competitive advantage of community marketing is the capacity to engage with communities that function as influencers and organic brand advocates.

Communities contribute to the brand via collaborative programs ie. events/competitions, content generation and participation and interaction therefore adding value to the brand communication. Find out more


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